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The King of Comics Theory.

I just got back from Albuquerque where I saw Scott McCloud (and his daughter Sky McCloud) give an amazing lecture1. He mostly reitterated material from his books in powerpoint form, but he did it in a very amusing way. Of note, at one point he delved into Scott Pilgrim at length, and some of his more nerdy enthusiasm for comics leaked through his otherwise sagacious demeanor. I am presently in total love with Scott Pilgrim3, so I was totally okay with this.

The place the lecture was held was not so good. I mean, the people there were nice enough, and it wasn't infested with cockroaches or anything, but the place was about 2/3ds full, and the AC was not cutting it. This is partly Albuquerque's fault, since it was in the mid 90s well after the sun went down. Apparently Albuquerque is on its way to becoming the new Pheonix2. Even with all the lights out (for the projector) we were still all sweating up a storm.

After the lecture and Q and A, he hung around and signed books and talked with pretty much anybody who wanted to talk. After this, Scott and family, along with a group of people, including Jett, Serina, and myself, went to the Frontier and continued the discussion for another couple of hours. I was at the wrong end of the table to hear much of Scott, but Sky seems like a cool kid. She was very well versed in TV-lore, especially Veronica Mars and the Joss Whedon stuff, neither of which I am familier with. The whole family was a very loquacious group, and all in all it was an enjoyable evening.

Something I was thinking of on the drive home: Does anybody know the name for the kind of perspective used in games such as the Sim series? It's also used in a lot of 16-bit era RPG games, and one of my favorite 8-bit titles, Solstice. This is a perspective in which parallel lines do not converge, and therefore sizes do not diminish with distance. Scott McCloud mentions it in Making Comics, but he doesn't actually say if it has a name. For some reason I thought it was called Isomorphic Perspective, but I'm pretty sure this is just totally wrong and backwards.


1. It was probably only amazing if you were into comics, or at least storytelling. There were some advertising people there, because their boss told them to come, and from what I overheard some of them saying, they were a little bit boggled by the whole thing.

2. Except with more stabbings.

3. Three things I am looking forward to: Scott Pilgrim vol. 4, Harry Potter 7, and the Futurama Movies.
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