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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Oh. My. God.
Tags: books, harry potter
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I couldn't agree more.

I just finished it. I don't know what to make of it all. I'm very mixed.

What do you think?
Yeah, seriously. Stop reading this.

I think it's going to take me a while to really process it all. So many people died!

The whole thing about the death-wand really belonging to Harry because Draco unwittingly defeated Dumbledore via Snape, and then Harry stole Draco's wand (not the Hallow wand, just Draco's personal wand) seemed a bit too convenient and weird to me, but most of the rest of it had me deeply, deeply engrossed.

Hagrid carrying Harry's body back to Hogwarts while Harry heard everybody's screams was especially memorable. And of course, the last chapter, which I suspect will be the one everybody will be talking about, even if it was relatively inconsequential, plot-wise. I wonder what Harry did for a living? I was kind of thinking he would end up as the Defence against the Dark Arts teacher, but I guess he would want to spend more time with his family? Maybe once his kids are older? I guess it's good that this things are unanswered.

Oh yeah, and aren't the goblins going to be pissed off that Neville had the sword?

More spoilers.

I kinda liked it. For what it was.

I think it might be my favorite book- largely because of the character development of Dumbledore and (to a much, much lesser degree) Snape. Snape was all fairly straightforward and predictable, but he's got, like, an 18 Charisma. I can't help but KINDA like him. And Dumbledore...

I liked what she turned Dumbledore into- until Voldemort cast the Avada Kadavra at Harry. After that, Dumbledore was redeemed and all was alright. I would have enjoyed Harry dying (with finality), alone, with the both the knowledge of Dumbledore's callous altruism and of his stunning desire for absolution. Or maybe it's just one or the other.

I have always snorted somewhat at the Deus Ex Machina endings to chapters and scary scenes with JK Rowling- and Aberforth sending Dobby was just another in a long string of "WHAT?"'s. Oh- and why the heck did Snape's Patronus take the shape of a doe? Is that what Lilly's was? When was that mentioned??

I only had one, tiny problem with the Epilogue; Did Ginny have ANY say in the naming of their children? One would think that, maybe, one of their kids might be named "Fred"? Or maybe that's down the line, with another of their brood.

What was your opinion of Ron's departure in the middle of the story and his subsequent return? I laughed rather uproariously at the fact that Dumbledore foresaw the split up and provided the Deluminator.

And as for the sword- Yeah, seriously, what the hell? First of all, the Sorting Hat was being burned (and yet, nineteen years later, it's back at Hogwarts, still in commission) when Neville pulled the sword out of his ass the Sorting Hat. Second, the Full Body-Bind Curse losing its power over him was somewhat confusing. And lastly, yeah, the Goblins would quite possibly attack the already sacked Hogwarts.

Regardless, I think that we can all agree on one thing: That all of the unexplained mysteries and romances unplumbed by Ms. Rowling will be covered in great detail by Slash writers.

So soon we'll know, with no uncertainty, that Harry became a washed out wizard Gigolo who, after a nasty row with the secretly lesbian Ginny, turns to Aberforth in the cold hills of Hogsmeade for comfort....
Aberforth/Harry = Ewww!

Yeah, I would've thought Fred would've made it to the list, too, but maybe George had a kid and named him that first. Also, perhaps a middle name? Knowing how much planning J.K.R. seems to put into these things, I bet she thought of that.

I did laugh when I read the name of Draco's son: Scorpius. That's one to look out for at the bicycle license plate stand next time you're at the gift shop.

Do you suppose she's going to write a sequel in (quickly does the math) 2016, when the new kids arrive at Hogwarts? Pick up where the last one left off? Probably not, but if so, will we still be excited about it?

I don't recall Lilly's Patronus being mentioned in DH, but it was probably mentioned before, back in PA perhaps. I think it was actually a neat bit of subtlety, since Harry's was a Buck it was cool to see that connection without being hit over the head with it, which can sometimes happen in which did happen in the Harry Potter books, sometimes. (Got to get used to the past-tense). Either way, it was probably a lot of fun for the kids who were really paying attention, memorizing all the spells, and who's wand was what, and everyone's patronus, etc. They would've been lead to believe that Lilly was back, perhaps?

As for why the binding curse didn't work, that one actually made sense to me, see Harry had 'given up' his life for the people he loved (pretty much all of Hogwarts plus the Order) the same way Lilly gave up her life for Harry, so all of Voldemort's spells were ineffective against the gang to a lesser degree then they were ineffective against Harry... Well, that's what I thought was going on. I think Harry mentioned that to Voldemort right before the confusing end duel, but I can't be sure, since Michael is reading the book now, and it's his anyway, so I can't reread it just yet, much as I'd like to.

I was not really surprised that Snape was a good guy. I will admit that I was surprised that he turned out to be a better guy then Dumbledore in a lot of ways, however. I really liked the way the Skeeter book turned out to be the more factual appraisal of Dumbledore then what's-his-name's eulogy, even if the biography was done so venomously.
Okay, about Aberforth and Harry- Harry was hard up about Albus most of the last book, and Aberforth looks just like his brother, right?

Yeah, going along with doing the math on things, I was amazed to realize that Harry was born in 1980. The tombstone of his parents read that they both died in 1981, so that means that the events of the final book take place in 1998. That's freaky. It's, like, reading a book- from the past! Insane. But to answer your question- will she write a sequel? I really don't know. She probably wouldn't really do it out of want for money- she's richer than the pope. I suspect she might publish a series of short stories. Although I confess I don't know much of the woman, what I've read of and from her, she seems to have a high opinion of her writing and she seems to love the Harry Potter series.

Like, physically. Like something only the writers of All My Circuits could come up with.

I'd put a dollar on her writing another book in five years (our time) set ten years ahead (their time).

And would I read the book? Probably. Would I buy it and try to get my hands on a copy of it with any haste? Probably not.

What I love is the frequent jokes about wands being Phallic symbols. It's, like, no one seemed to get that until now. I've been snorting during all the books and movies- and it seems I've been chortling all by my lonesome until now.

Sure, jokes could be made about Ron wanting the Elder Rod and how Hermoine actually states that it's not the "power" of the "wand", but how the "wizard" "uses" "it".

So let's quit picking just on Phalli- let's bring up some yonic imagery. In Order of the Phoenix, Rowling describes Ron's small, family-hand-me-down, rusting out cauldron. So, does Ron have Crotchrot?

Food (albeit rotten) for thought. Just don't put any of your lips on it.

And if anyone's still reading this who hasn't read the book yet, bugger off.

What do you think about Mrs. Weasely being a Death Eater?

Read this.

Mrs. Weasely being a Death Eater was pretty easy to tell. There were a lot of clues in the last three books. I have to say, I was a little disturbed at how frequently Peeves was dropping the F-bomb, though. That seemed a little crass, even for a poltergeist.

As for the phallic wand thing, I may certainly be wrong on this, but I kind of doubt that it is ever referred to in the book as the elder "rod". If it was, she was just asking for it, wasn't she? But, no, I think this is just your sick little creation, you perv.

No bet here, but I'm not so much folding as I am getting some more pretzels this hand. JKR might write another HP something. She has mentioned that she might do an HP encylopedia type thing, but a short story compilation would make more sense. I am kind of hoping she moves on and does something else for a while, eventually.

You caught me. I was recently rereading the Encyclopedia Magica and I've been calling wands rods, books librams, and my younger brother a Mirror of Opposition Doppleganger. So maybe it wasn't the Elder "Rod" so much as it was an Elder "Wand".

Did you ever hear about that Nancy Stouffer who sued JK Rowlings for copyright and trademark infringement? Did you ever read the summation of the book that Stouffer claims was stolen from her?

Rita Skeeter, eat your heart out.

I just looked at it. I didn't have the stomach to give the summation a truly thorough reading, but I get the gist of it. Just from that description, which might not be fair, I am reaffirmed in my belief that too many people give up when they shouldn't, and not enough people give up when they should.

One thing I am confused about is the fact that whoever republished the thing didn't actually bother to correct or edit it. Stouffer, who is going by the name N.K. Stouffer, claims that better editing and proof-reading will give her a second chance, however, the quality of writing on her site doesn't fill me with any desire to actually read the creepy looking thing.

I do think it would be a good idea to write and publish a series of total garbage children's books with dozens upon dozens of characters with common names, so that when somebody does publish something a few years later that happens to actually use those name, I will be in a prime position to sue them. I'm not saying Stouffer intentionally did this, though, because she is not in a prime position to sue anybody.

Wait- Your brother isn't a Mirror of Opposition Doppleganger?
I just finished the book and I am ecstatic that all my predictions upon finishing The Half Blood Prince were true. However I was completely flabbergasted that Ron would sell out his “pals” like he did. Though I predicted the seventh horcrux, and that Snape was really a good guy, I would of never predicted that Tom Riddle would have had a change of heart and marry Minerva McGonagall. Truly Astonishing!

Overall I extremely enjoyed the book and found I could not put it down. I personally have no complaints. I really hope that Rowling will continue to write, but truly hope any of her future novels will have absolutely nothing to do with Harry Potter.
Yup. I enjoy dissecting for dissecting's sake, but truth be told, I really, really loved that book.